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Instructional Video ONLY ( not kit )

Instructional Video ONLY ( not kit )

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For those who already own any type of ozone machine but just want to get the step by step guide to using Ozone for dental application.



Direct Dental Ozone Application -   Using the dental cups you will essentially be washing your mouth with gas. There is a VERY specific way to do this safely so you are not inhaling it.  All you need is a few minutes each day and you will see immediate results! The ozone gas gets into direct contact and kills the bacteria surrounding the tooth, AND alters the environment so the bacteria is unable to flourish. Ozone neutralizes oral acidity, altering pH levels, so damaging oral bacteria is eradicated. 

Ozone water for dental use - Freshly prepare ozonated water with the glass ozone bubbling wand.  When consecutively used as a mouth rinse it provides significant reduction of bacteria and infection.

Upgrade your dental flossing - Dip your floss into ozone water to enhance the cleansing effects of flossing!

Sterilize your toothbrush - Soaking your toothbrush in ozonated water for a few minutes every day will destroy any bacteria that resides on the bristles, ensuring that your mouth is not infiltrated by harmful bacteria every time you brush.

Water pic with ozone water - Enhance your water flossing and send the ozonated water into the gum line and avoid periodontal disease!

Ozone water for Drinking -  Ozoneated water may improve brain function, fight bacteria, and speed up healing in the gut by inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, yeast, and protozoa. It also stimulates the immune system.

Ozone water for Skin -  Full of ozone and oxygen, Spray or dab ozonated water and use topically as a healing and antibacterial / antifungal agent, on burns, scrapes, bruises, wounds and eczema.


Ozone Bubble Baths-  Great for the skin! Excellent cleansing capabilities. Connect your ozone machine to a fine hole bubble stone. The ozone bath will penetrate through the water and sanitize faster. Ozone purifies the water from bacteria and viruses. Your skin will feel more alive, clean and soft. The ozone bath will make your skin feel tighter and smoother and free of impurities from a traditional bath.

Ozone water for washing fruit & veggies-  Just washing vegetables, fruits, as well as meat with plain water, doesn't remove the pesticides and other harmful contaminants from the outer surface. Ozone technology that can easily remove all the impurities.

Sterilize rooms in your home or things you own- Running ozone in a room or in a bag with your items kills mold mold and mildew and remove smells. O3 is very effective in attacking mold, mildew and mold spores.

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