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Due to the nature of this product being a customized kit, there are absolutely no refunds possible. 

Items are hand selected across different companies and then packaged as one kit.
Due to the various shipping/packaging costs involved.
This is not one corporation, so I don't have the ability to process or pay for any refunds under any circumstances.
 But what you DO get is a personal experience of being guided on how to utilize this machine and custom attachments in ways that are both safe and effective. 

And because this is a packaged kit with education and guided videos and booklets, I do not provide an itemized price list for items.  The ozone machine itself is about $150 in value. I have researched and used many ozone machines through the years in this price range, and in this kit you get experience of knowing this particular one included does last and have better duration than most other ozone machines in this price range.

I ensure getting a machine that will indeed last, along with offering higher grade tubing, attachments and mostly is is the training that has high value to maintain effectiveness and safety for you and your loved ones!

There is no warranty, unless the machine doesn't work within opening the package for any reason at which point please call me within 24 hours of this and then I can provide a replacement with an email of pics and video of the machine not working.

But again Ive been using and selling this exact model for years and have never had any issues!

Once the package is shipped out I can not refund or return. 
When you agree to this in payment, there can be no Paypal disputes.

International fee of $100 USD is needed to cover extra shipping costs. 


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