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The Ozone Dental Hand-piece

The Ozone Dental Hand-piece

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The Ozone Dental Handpiece makes it easy to use ozone in close dental applications.

The dental handpiece can be used for dentistry in conjunction with any oxygen-fed medical ozone generator to help disinfect and sterilize cavities and root canals, clean the gum line, and many more dental applications. This product is to be used in conjunction with a dental suction device to capture excess ozone in the mouth to help prevent ozone inhalation.


The dental handpiece connects to a standard female Luer lock connection via a male Luer slip connection. It comes with an additional barbed adapter to work with other ozone generators that are not Luer lock compatible. This includes 10 blunt tip needles of varying size, which you can bend to suit your specific applications, as well as ten tooth cups that can be used to more directly target a specific tooth.

The handpiece is made from 316 stainless steel, the tubing is silicone 1/16" ID, and the connectors are kynar and polycarbonate. All of these materials have an A rating for ozone compatibility.


Note: Needles do not come already bent. Some practitioners like to bend one slightly to better reach areas inside the mouth. Examples are shown in the photos below.

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