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Dental Ozone Home Kit ( with Instructional Video)

Dental Ozone Home Kit ( with Instructional Video)

$699.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

1 Ozone machine -  Unlike other ambient non medical ozone machines available today, this kit ensures high quality with ozone safe medical grade silicone tubing.


2 Tooth+Gum cleaning attachments  & mouth guard -   These silicone tooth cups are designed to selectively target ozone to the teeth. * Silicone and teflon are A-rated materials when used with ozone.

+ 1 Ozone Water Bubbling Wand

Unlike most other ozone water bubblers that break down over time and dissolves unwanted materials, this glass diffuser is safe, doesn't break down and infuses higher levels of ozone into water. Make ozone water at home for both rinsing and gargling for dental purposes, as well as for Drinking. ( Amazing GUT HEALTH benefit, when you drink ozone water)       


2 Ozone water bubbling stones Make ozone water for washing veggies, clearing out mold from a rooms in your home and for ozone baths, which has amazing skin benefits.

1 Bottle of Ozone Oil Pulling Solution -   Ozone-infused organic coconut oil with organic sesame, sunflower and peppermint essential oil. Extracts unwanted microorganisms and toxins from the mouth.


PLUS: Instructional Videos & Home Dental Detox Guide Book with protocols on how to use all items in this kit!

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